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Regular practice of mindfulness will bring about reduced symptoms of, for example, stress, anxiety, low energy, burn-out, negative thought patterns and rumination. It can enhance physical, mental and spiritual health; improved immune system; enhanced creativity; emotional regulation; resilience and overall well-being.

The Programmes

All programmes are generally run over and 8 week block. Each class is one and a half hours per week. It is generally anticipated that practice will continue at home starting at a minimum of 15mins per day on the introductory programme and building up to 45 mins- 1 hour on the development and compassion programmes. Each programme also includes a booklet and a practice CD for use at home. The Developing Mindfulness Programme is sometimes done over 6 weeks and can be used as an ongoing practice session where those who wish to, can have the extra support and discipline that a group can sometimes provide.

Introducing Mindfulness

8 week programme introducing beginners to basics of mindfulness practice. Weekly, one and a half hours sessions. A 1:1 session can be arranged as an add-o n if required to deepen understanding and practice. Manual and CD for home practice. This programme introduces us to the practices for settling the mind and beginning to become aware of our ordinary mind state which has a tendency to cause us suffering in various forms, such as depressive and negative thinking; anxiety states; restlessness; boredom; rumination. We begin to recognise those states as forms of distraction in the mind. We will begin to practice new ways of being with distraction and to develop new attitudes towards our minds and‘ourselves’. A new way of ‘being’ in relation to the world and in our lives – a way which generates qualities of loving kindness and compassion for self and others.

Developing Mindfulness

The 'Developing Mindfulness' Programme can be taken over 8 weeks if it is the first time on this programme. For those who have already completed the course at least once through, 4 week blocks can be done as practise sessions. This course helps us to recognise distraction in the mind and work more closely with it. It enhances the skill of coming back to the support, gradually increasing our capacity to ‘hold’ more difficult and challenging distractions and emotional states without becoming overwhelmed by them. These practices build our confidence in our capacity for mindfulness. We will begin to see that the attitude of allowing and acceptance provides the ground for healing. These blocks can also be very helpful in terms of building in the regularity of practice so that it becomes a positive habit. Participants can opt for the inclusion of a 30min 1:1 session to discuss practice. There is also a weekend programme which runs over 2 days and can be an introduction to mindfulness or used for more intensive practice. Short retreats are available for those who have completed at least 1 programme. These run from Friday evening to Sunday evening at various times throughout the year. Contact the organiser for further details of all courses and retreats.

Compassion and Acceptance Programme

Suitable for those who have done 6 week programme in mindfulness. Deepens practice and develops appropriate attitude of open-hearted self acceptance and compassion for beneficial mindfulness practice. The development of compassion and its integral qualities such as joy, loving kindness can help us to overcome negative emotional states and behaviour, finding ourselves more balanced, positive and creative.

This course supplements the Introducing Mindfulness Programme and Developing Mindfulness Programme. Also includes a CD and information manual for home practice. Development of appropriate attitude of warm acceptance is central to the practice of mindfulness - it is the ground from which compassion spontaneously emerges.