NLP is the scientific study of human excellence.  It is the code for how we think, how we organise our mind, our memories, how we perceive the world internally, and how we make decisions about what we believe or don’t believe.  Put simply, it’s the way that people think and act in their daily lives.  It has been described as an owner’s manual for the brain and is considered to be one of the greatest contributions to the behavioural sciences in the last thirty years.

NLP is based on the belief that all behaviour has a structure and that this structure can be modelled, learned and changes.  It recognises the face that our thoughts create our emotions and direct our actions and therefore by changing the way we think, we can change how we feel and act.

Words associated with Neuro Linguistic Programming - female hand

NLP can help you maximise success, generate new patterns of communication and gain an insight and perspective on the modelling of excellence and achievement.  The new technology in NLP and Hypnotherapy can take your life to a new level.  When combined with Hypnotherapy, NLP accelerates the rate of change thus reducing the number of sessions required.

It is a very useful tool for dissolving phobias or overcoming compulsions quickly and effectively.  It was the work of Milton Erickson (world renowned psychotherapist and hypnotherapist) which inspired the creators of NLP, thus the close association of NLP with Hypnotherapy.