Past Life Regression evolved from the concept of reincarnation which is a belief that we each possess an eternal soul which in turn experiences many different lifetimes in many different bodies.  I can help you access your past lives using 2 methods.  The first method is Hypnosis.  Through guided imagery and relaxation, we can bypass the conscious mind and access the unconscious which contains all of your memories of your Soul’s journey through your various different lives.

The other method I can use is Crystal Remote Viewing which is a Theta Healing Technique.  Crystals are positioned on the body in a specific layout.  Then an energy vortex is opened using tuning forks.  The client is taken into a deep theta state via guided meditation to visit past lives and future lives for healing and resolution of issues in this lifetime.  Clients do not re-live traumatic events, but rather fast forwards through them using the ‘driver’ crystals placed in each hand, so it can be observed, rather than re-lived.  These sessions are very gentle but powerful.

Surreal artisitc image with time spiral